Hic Sunt Dracones

Any of you history buffs, amateur cartographers or lovers of the Civilization game series may recognize this phrase and its translation “Here there be dragons”. In the Medieval Ages map makers would label unexplored sections of the map with artistic depictions of dragons warning away erstwhile travelers from venturing into the unknown.

Andromeda by Juan Antonio Frias de Escalante

Throughout Christendom and beyond the dragon has been synonymous with evil, as a defiler who would destroy villages, steal maidens and horde gold merely from spite; deriving no utility from their theft. Dragons play a key part in many Christian legends, and also in the book of Revelation where Satan and his anti-Christ are depicted as a seven headed dragon who orchestrates the fall of the angels and prepares a strike at the Body of Christ. In short, Dragons are synonymous with evil; and not just evil but chaotic evil. Their evil is an end unto itself; with the destruction and desecration of purity as their prime motivator.

This isn’t going to be a post about dragons, this is going to be a post about evil and evil as a telos. Why am I beating this drum so hard? Because we are locked in an existential battle with the left and we are getting our asses kicked because we don’t know our enemy. The modern self-styled “conservative” is in no way equipped to fight this war; the rules of engagement were created by the enemy and exist only to impede ourselves and strengthen them. To the modern “conservative” the cardinal sin is hypocrisy; and they will sacrifice EVERYTHING to avoid being called a hypocrite. As an extension of this, the main goal of the modern “conservative” is to accuse the left of hypocrisy, because then……you’ve won. What have you won? Nothing really, maybe a few updoots from a boomer who follows you on Facebook or twitter, who’s playing by the same fake rules you’re playing by, but nothing really. The leftist doesn’t care, they don’t care about hypocrisy, they’ll court their libertarian allies with the “my body my choice” or “what I do in my bedroom isn’t the government’s business” argument; and then flip-flop demanding the government pay for their abortions or make everyone get vaccinated and wear masks; they don’t care. They care about one thing: winning and advancing the cause. Now, what is their cause?


Forgive me for the vulgarity, I do not condone the usage of such strong language but I need to make sure that this seeps into your skull my fellow grug-brained retard reading this…..THE LEFT ARE FUCKING DEMONIC, AND THEIR CAUSE IS THE DESTRUCTION AND DESECRATION OF EVERYTHING PURE AND HOLY. I am not exaggerating. Read it again and digest it, their cause is not acceptance, or tolerance, equality or equity; it is the defilement of the inviolate and sacred and anything that points towards Christ. I’m not talking about your aunt who thinks universal healthcare is a good idea, and I’m not even talking about the Democratic party at large, I’m talking about the ones pulling their strings. The global cabal of power brokers, financiers, media talking heads, smut peddlers and entertainment zombies; all human; all completely enslaved by demons. Pirating off of both Bram Stoker and Jim Butcher; I call these people Renfields; the useful idiots that allow themselves to be instruments of the devil in the hope of temporal pleasures. The arch enemy of the left is not the right; the arch-enemy of the left is Jesus Christ. They HATE our blessed lord Jesus Christ whose name they flee from as he has triumphed over the grave and reigns supreme after casting them into everlasting fire. Unable to directly attack the triumphant Lamb of God himself, they pivot and unload their hatred and frustrations on the purest, least sinful creature this side of heaven: the child.

Before the age of reason children are blameless carrying only the vestigial stain of original sin, and this purity makes them a target for the demonic. Demons lack the power of creation, so every sin of theirs is a merely an inversion of the sacred. The maternal love a mother knows for her child is inverted through state sanctioned infanticide we call abortion. The Storge-love, the deep familial affection that parents feel for their child is perverted by the sexualization, transgenderization, and mutilation abetted by the unholy alliance between woke capital, the media, the medical industrial complex, marxist department of education and dopamine addicted parents who will maim their child for life for a few retweets and facebook likes. This is Judas level betrayal, and God forgive me but if everyone involved in this sacrilege would seek the remedy the son of perdition did, our task would be a lot easier.

Take heart though, because not all is lost. The left overplayed their hand, and ripped off their mask too soon; and the world was repulsed. The normies who could digest “love wins”, “pride-month” and gay characters in cartoons were made uneasy by Transgender story hour at the local library. This unease turned to alarm when the left pushed the envelope to support “gender affirmation care” for children and held drag shows featuring children who danced sexually for money. As a society we have not completely severed our tether with the Good, we are not so far gone that we cannot come back; but now is the time to organize. Anger is warranted, Outrage is justified, and Action is mandated. What can we do? Stay tuned until the article for next week.

And now for our weekly prayer; an except from The Prayer Against All Evils.

Heavenly Father, I bow in worship and praise before You. I cover myself with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as my protection during this time of prayer. I surrender myself completely and unreservedly in every area of my life to Yourself. I do take a stand against all the workings of Satan that would hinder me in this time of prayer, and I address myself only to the true and living God and refuse any involvement of Satan in my prayer.


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