Our monthly or (( frequent )) contributors. We’ve linked some of their other projects that also align with our worldview and the ideas we want to share.

WesternManWestern Man is the founder of MiddleEarth Magazine. He is a Catholic Reactionary, Integralist, and a prospecting Monarchist. You can follow him on Twitter.

Pontificator Maximus#TradCatholic, Chairman of the North American chapter of the Patriarchy, real name: Anthony P Stine, YouTuber Content Creator at Return To Tradition. Leonine Institute Fellow.

Levi A Russell, PhDLevi Russell is a Catholic convert (Easter, 2007), husband, and father of three. He is interested in promoting Catholic Social Teaching through applied research and economics education. Levi serves as Director and founder of the Leonine Institute. He is the host of the weekly Trad Dads podcast.

TradPatrickPatrick is the host of the TradCathShow on Youtube. A new source for all the issues of the day. Book reviews, interviews, and more all from a Catholic perspective. His show explores Catholic history, art, literature, family, and tradition. He is a former seminarian who has studied theology at length and look at the world through Catholic Social Teaching.