The movie Boondock Saints came out when I was in middle school to fairly small fanfare. So much so that I actually didn’t even hear about it until I was in college and a friend who knew I was Catholic and liked action movies recommended it to me. Obviously Boondock Saints became a cult classic and for good reason, it’s a hugely entertaining movie that I thoroughly enjoyed aside from based-homo Willem Dafoe, big spoon Rufio and the random boob groping Rocco scene. The line that stuck with me occurs fairly early on in the movie. The brothers attend Mass where the Priest gives a stirring homily focused around the real-life tragedy of Kitty Genovese; a young barmaid who was raped and murdered in broad daylight outside of her apartment in New York City in the late 60’s . Even more tragically, it is alleged that 38 people witnessed the scene without helping Kitty or even calling the police. This phenomenon became known as “Genovese Syndrome” and “the bystander effect” which posits that an individual is more likely to act on a situation if he’s the only one present than if there are other bystanders around. As the brothers get up to leave mass at the end of the homily (poor form but when you’re a vigilante assassin I guess they let you do it) The priest warns his flock that “All must fear evil men, but there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, the indifference of good men”. Upon exiting the church, the brothers stop, light up their cigarettes and the line comes “Well, I do believe the Monsignor has finally gotten the point”.

In last week’s post; Hic Sunt Dracones, I elucidated my own personal elephant in the room. The thing which everyone of good will knows, and is becoming more and more clear every day; the left is demonic and presently a war is raging around us for the soul of not only our country, but the entire world. I’ve already named the demons, I’m not going to dwell on them further, but do want to provide some context for those thinking in provincial terms. The left and right are not the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States. The left and right are overarching philosophies regarding the telos of society; i.e what end is sought. The authentic left seeks to elevate mankind through creating its own order untethered from the natural rules that govern the universe and subsequently society. The left is personified as Lucifer, refusing to bow to lawful authority, seeking to elevate themselves above God. This is done via their main weapon of relativism; if nothing inherently means something, then anything can mean anything. The authentic right seeks to orient society towards universal truth through means of order, hierarchy, and objectivism. The right is personified as St.Michael, the Prince of the Heavenly Host whose very name asks “Who is like God?” and who thunders “Serviam”, I will serve, in response to Lucifer’s refusal. In the micro, both of our parties are practically enslaved to the left and what little “authentic right” exists is found in the fringe of the Republican party; but only in minute traces. I say this to frame today’s article; this is not a call to “vote maga” or “straight ticket Republican” although for virtually all candidates that’s probably what you should do, being the lesser of two evils. This is a call to realize there are no political solutions to the quagmire we find ourselves in; and if we want to fix society we’re going to have to do it ourselves.

We know we need to do something, if you’re anything like me you’ve been feeling a great sense of unease over the last several years. A sense of creeping effeminacy at the lack of action being taken to battle the forces of darkness that we know, that we feel in our very bones and soul is spreading over the world. We are eunuchs, sitting idly by as the unborn are killed, children: sexualized and maimed. Weaponized narcotics enslave our brothers, our overlords invent new military and health crises to juice GDP and the stock prices of the military and medical industrial complex, while our brothers and sisters sleep on the street, with no food, shelter or healthcare. The answer is not to “vote harder”, and the answer is not to become a murderous vigilante assassin in the vein of the Boondock Saints. The answer is to become the bystander who doesn’t ignore Kitty Genovese’s cry for help, to shake off the inertia and the soma that society is trying to dull you with, and to become a man of action.

How do we do this? Like St.Francis, before we can rebuild society as a whole, we have to rebuild ourselves. Refine yourself, literally. Heat yourself up and hammer out your imperfections. Commit to a form of daily prayer; the angelus or the liturgy of the hours are wonderful ways to recalibrate yourself to Christ and ensure you don’t drift off course during the trials of the day. Try to go to Daily Mass once a week, go to Confession every week, you cannot battle demons with sin on your soul as you become a target instead of a warrior. EMBRACE TEMPERANCE, stop eating refined carbs, eat real food, stop drinking so much, stop playing video games non-stop. I’ve never met a person with low self-control of their weight or sobriety who didn’t also suffer from a tendency towards pornography and masturbation addiction. Lift weights, go jogging, learn how to defend yourself, your loved ones, and your fellow citizen. Learn brazilian jiu-jitsu, join a boxing club, hell even cross-fit. Become a person who is only in their house, apartment or dorm room when they’re asleep, with their family, or on Sundays before and after mass.

Now that you’re a work in progress, and have the thomistic “arrow drawn from our heart” firmly fixed on Christ and are moving along the continuum are you ready to start slaying dragons.

Christian nationalism is the only way forward as far as laying the foundation for restoring morality, truth and justice to our world.”

New Columbia Movement

You are not St.George and you are not Rambo, lone wolves accomplish very little other than becoming easy targets for the Renfields of the world; you need a mannerbund. What is a mannerbund? It literally means “alliance of men”. It’s a band of brothers, it’s your war band composed of good Christian men of action who challenge each other, pray for each other, and organize for activism and social change. Heroes are rising and mannerbunds are cropping up like white blood cells as the marxist infection spreads throughout society. The organization I’ve noticed the most recently who is proving to be a bit of a problem for the media is the New Columbia Movement. The New Columbia Movement (or NCM for short) while not explicitly Catholic, is a Christian Nationalist organization with members around the country working towards reinvigorating and reinserting Christian principles into society. I label them as a problem for the media, because they are getting results without any of the usual flaws that doom a group on our side of the spectrum. They first came to my attention when they successfully stopped a child grooming performance disguised as as family friendly Drag Queen Brunch at Mr.Misster bar for sodomites. In solidarity with other assorted protesters who showed up to picket the Drag Queen Brunch, NCM was able to stop the event from going forward, and numerous other events of similar style were canceled around the country for fear of backlash. After the event the typical left media rag hit piece came out, but this time; with a note of frustration. The NCM, while being smeared as a “Christian fascist” organization (as if that’s even an insult) was noted for being “well-behaved” and “mainly chanting the rosary”. These aren’t your skinhead, Doc Marten wearing pagan tattooed freaks of yesteryear, these are good Christian boys of all race and color, meeting the demonic head on with rosary in-hand without giving an inch. Since then, the NCM has hung several other skins on the wall; recently forcing a Houston-area bar to change an “all-ages” Drag brunch to refusing entry to anyone under 18, and in the Dallas-area protesting alongside Protect Texas Kids in support of Jeff Younger who is fighting to save his child from being a casualty of the madness of tyrannical gender ideology. This is a group on the rise, without any of the worn-out and anti-Gospel kryptonite of white supremacy, nazism, or calls for wanton violence; and I for one expect great things from them going forward.

To wrap-up, thanks for listening to another rant of mine. I’m yelling at myself as much as I’m yelling at you and trying to spur myself to action, and to shake myself from the comfort of gated suburbia where at least for now, everything seems great. Everything is not-great, Kitty Genovese is wailing in a darkened alley, and I’ve got sunglasses on and airpods in pretending not to notice. Now is the time for men of action, now is the time to win victories for Christ and Country, LFG.

and now we pray…

All powerful and ever-living God,
Guard our churches, our homes, our schools,
our hospitals, our factories, and all the places where we gather.
Deliver us from harm and peril.
Protect our land and its peoples from enemies within and without.
Grant an early peace with victory founded upon justice.
Instill in the hearts and minds of men and women everywhere
a firm purpose to live forever in peace and good will toward all.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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