There is a budding war brewing on the very-online “new-right” and it is imperative that we acknowledge it and work to head it off before purity spiraling and infighting once again threaten the great progress that has been made in the last decade or so; and make no mistake there has been great progress. The new-right practically owns twitter, and based schizos such as Bronze Age Pervert, the Venerable Mike Ma, and Raw Egg Nationalist have capitalized on the platform and have used it to push the overton window into accepting various esoteric and ostensibly right wing causes. It is odd that things once considered common sense like not celebrating obesity or free for all anti-depressant usage, and promoting getting out into the sun, eating real food, and environmental conservation are now lumped into the “right wing” sphere of influence but alas, that’s the timeline we inhabit. It has led to both great advice and great memes; watching Tucker Carlson debate the merits of ball-sunning was a coup that I don’t think anyone saw coming.

RW Catholic twitter has always been less in your face and more traditional than the noveau-riche “there goes the neighborhood” RW schizo crew mentioned above. That’s by design, we’re a small umbrella group focused more on networking with fellow catholics in our area, teaming up to picket some sort of degeneracy, or combing through minutiae to accuse other Catholics of heresy or poor formation (our national pastime). We may be small in clout, but we are legion (in a good way). We typically like the schizos mention above, and use their advice when it makes sense, and brush away some of their more eccentric musings. So given all that…….why are they punching right at us?

Make no mistake; right-wing Catholicism is the furthest right of all; we set the continuum. Never forget that the original right wing, the crew that coined the term were the 18th century French Catholic Monarchists and counterrevolutionaries who sat on the right side of the chamber, opposite the leftist Jacobins. The right is predicated upon order, hierarchy and self-sacrifice; personified by Jesus Christ (all heads bow), King of Kings and Lord of Lords who humbled himself to reassert order, and sacrifice himself for mankind. The Left, the evil degenerate left, holds up equity, license, and self-serving behavior as their “greatest good”. In many ways our friends on the schizo right have more in common with the bug-men and dead-eyed barren wamen that are the subject of so much of their content, than they do with us. They both denigrate the sacrament of marriage and the benefits of monogamy; they see children as road-blocks towards achieving the career or physique they so richly deserve, and they see nothing wrong with transactional meaningless sex, even going so far as to boasting of having sex with prostitutes on one of the holiest most family-oriented days of the year; Christmas. We can hand wave away the weird un-holy alliance of the Classics, Evola, Nietzsche and “look at Pietro’s bulge, y he hiding snek in undies?” poasting. Most of us slonk eggs and avoid seed oils even if we don’t partake of blended bull testicles, and hell most of us would be called misoygynist by any obese bean-bag chair shaped journo worth a Sarah Lawrence degree, but when you attack the family, you’re doing the Devil and the Left’s work. You are not going to pervert your way into the society you want.

This is an olive branch, we have much larger enemies to face than each other right now. I accept the fact that there are going to be many compatriots with their proverbial rifles pointed the same direction as mine, that I wouldn’t want to invite to dinner. Even the most traditional society has to have room for a standard deviation of less than optimal behavior if it wants to actually function, but you can’t carry the left’s water for them. Make no mistake, fixing the family, getting husbands to stay with wives, and raising children in the fortress that is the nuclear family is the only way forward; that’s the only way we get to where we both want to go. Let us pray.

Have mercy on us, Lord of Heaven and earth. Look upon us and send Thy fear upon the nations which have not sought Thee, or, even worse, have persecuted Thy Divine Son in His Apostles and missionaries. Grant that they may know that there is no other God than Thee, and may finally be converted to Thy Holy Catholic Church, and proclaim Thy greatness. Shorten the time, and be mindful of the end, that they may spread abroad Thy wonderful deeds and all the ends of the earth may fear Thee.

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