The Desensitization to Pedophilia is Unraveling Before Our Eyes

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Merely saying truth is stranger than fiction isn’t enough anymore. We’re truly living in a time where the forces of evil are increasingly boxing in the last remnants of morality in the West. Something that even a decade ago, many called the unthinkable, is now rapidly unraveling itself before our eyes. Netflix has released a soft-porn pedophilia movie called “Cuties” about pre-pubescent girls dancing in an erotic manner. This, of course, isn’t to be surprised, coming from a company that only a year ago aired a blasphemous movie depicting Jesus Christ as a gay man, sparking similar outrage.

The inevitable outrage came from the “normie” public consciousness and the film received large push back from the release of its movie poster and film description. Before being released, the film was hailed as “Courageous” and promised not to be a movie with scenes that only a greasy film pedophile critic would enjoy. The first “Cuties” apologists said that far-right online perpetrators jumped the gun in overreaction due to poor marketing posters that didn’t reflect the contents of the movie. However, this all became extremely evident once the film was released. We’ll start with Keith Demko, the planning editor of Maryland-based Delmarva Daily posting this before the film’s public release.

Keith’s tweet has since been deleted and his account locked from the privy of the public.

Keith was joined with other leftist journalists, critics, and creators asking the public to show “nuance” to the film and not be so quick to condemn it. As the pushback continued to get stronger, the anti-pedophiliac sentiment was condemned as far-right and “anti-Semitic”, going as far as accusing and trying to slander those outraged to be members of the conspiracy theory of “QAnon”.

In order to be nuanced, we’ll share a piece of the parental guide by IMDb before they ran to cover and water-down the language describing what was in the film.

And the after description:

In case anyone attempts pedophile apologia and explains that these are user-submitted parental guidances, remember that IMDb has to approve all user submissions before publishing them.

Now that the “honest” nuanced approach is out of the way, here’s what the Rotten Tomatoes film critics had to say of the film:

Bildge Eliri is an American journalist and filmmaker employed at the Village Voice in New York City. 
Matthew Lucas is a freelance film critic currently working as a staff critic at In Review Online.

Soon, other journalists from the Daily Beast, Forbes, The Independent, The New Yorker, LA Times, and Rolling Stone continued to pile their dung reviews to show how nuanced, cultured, and progressive they were. Starting with Scott Mendelson (Film Critic and Box Office Pundit for Forbes) on Twitter sharing his Forbes articles to Trim Robey from the Telegraph advocating for a better understanding of pre-pubescent children’s “sexuality”. More of the same here from can be found in all of these articles, tolerating that which is intolerable, and cloaking it in the rarified air of artistic exploration.

And continuing…

As was said before, the counter-signaling of the pushback these journalists and critics received is extremely telling of where we’re at in the “Culture War” for Christian morality in the West. The Left is so morally bankrupt, that any condemnation for a popular film sponsored by billion-dollar streaming corporations must be some semblance of a far-right coordinated attack on the deeper meaning of the film. Melissa Ryan of an “Extremist & Disinfo” consulting firm for progressive groups called the Action Network slandered Tusli Gabbard, an anti-war Democratic nominee who was snubbed at the DNC Convention for coming out against the film because it enabled the problem of Child Trafficking.

Clearly, our future looks extremely grim. We’ll soon be labeled extremists for supporting traditional marriage, Christian sexual ethics, and counter signaling pedophilia films that portray eleven-year-old girls in a sexual matter. Groups like the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and Melissa Ryan’s Action Network group are the mere boils of a bigger problem we have in the fight for free speech in the United States. With their influence, they will soon be able to silence and destroy anyone who doesn’t fit their narrative of tolerance.

Our fight for morality was downtrodden many years ago with the destruction of the institution of marriage and the now normalization of the consumption of pornography. Since then we’ve lost the right to appeal towards anything sensible. We’re on the path of the late-phase Roman Empire, where pedastry and sexual deviancy became commonplace again after it was weeded out of the culture by the Christian faith. Make no mistake, Christianity is the bulwark against evil. They will attack anything that cherishes this truth, whether in the proxy against White people, homeschooling, or Western culture. As a Catholic, it is very difficult to see the state of the world and trust the conservative leadership to lead us out of this desert. Any conservative movement unwilling to call out perversion and evil deserves to be destroyed.

Western Man is the founder of MiddleEarth Magazine. He is a Catholic Reactionary, Integralist, and a prospecting Monarchist.

This article was written with legal counsel and is protected under the First Amendment

Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

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Well said!